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Cursed to be Mine Digitally Signed

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These books are digitally signed. The signature is drawn on a tablet, unique every time with a personal message to you.

Swag pack comes with two magnets, a bookmark, and three stickers.

Hardbacks will come with an extra small scene on the back flap.

Customer Reviews


1 year ago

AMAZING Start of a New Series!!

Cursed to Be Mine by Miranda Grant is an amazing start of a new series. This first novel leaves me hanging in for the next one to come quickly.

Check TW on Author Website! This is a very dark/graphic story. If you do not have any TW I definitely recommend going in blind and sticking it out until at least ch 13!

I have to admit the beginning of the story had me. I was completely captured and angry with rage over a certain character.

Khalid is the Dominant MC who is dangerous and a witch. He would do anything for her. K!ll, devour, suffer for her. The loyalty, the absolute devotion he shows towards her makes all the danger and sacrifice worth it. He is 1 of many brothers in his family.

🖤 Touch her and d!e
🖤 🔥🔥🔥🔥/5
🖤 Cliffhanger
🖤 First of Series
🖤 Dominant MC
🖤 Magic/Paranormal Elements
🖤 Plot Twists
🖤 Fast Paced

I can’t wait for the next novel for the next brother in the series!!