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Cursed to be Mine Digitally Signed

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The release date is 31 Oct 2023. Books ordered before October will be sent out two weeks beforehand, so you might get them early depending on shipping! If you purchase with another book on the same order, both books will be held until Cursed to be Mine will be ready to ship. If you want them separately, please purchase them in two separate orders as I cannot split shipping. Thank you!

These books are digitally signed. The signature is drawn on a tablet, unique every time with a personal message to you.

Swag pack comes with two magnets, a bookmark, and three stickers.

Hardbacks will come with an extra small scene on the back flap.

Customer Reviews


7 months ago

AMAZING Start of a New Series!!

Cursed to Be Mine by Miranda Grant is an amazing start of a new series. This first novel leaves me hanging in for the next one to come quickly.

Check TW on Author Website! This is a very dark/graphic story. If you do not have any TW I definitely recommend going in blind and sticking it out until at least ch 13!

I have to admit the beginning of the story had me. I was completely captured and angry with rage over a certain character.

Khalid is the Dominant MC who is dangerous and a witch. He would do anything for her. K!ll, devour, suffer for her. The loyalty, the absolute devotion he shows towards her makes all the danger and sacrifice worth it. He is 1 of many brothers in his family.

🖤 Touch her and d!e
🖤 🔥🔥🔥🔥/5
🖤 Cliffhanger
🖤 First of Series
🖤 Dominant MC
🖤 Magic/Paranormal Elements
🖤 Plot Twists
🖤 Fast Paced

I can’t wait for the next novel for the next brother in the series!!