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Madness Behind the Mask: Ebook

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Dark Edition: ALL the triggers and graphically

Soft Edition: 97% of the triggers shown graphically and the 3% (ie: child brutal gang bang) summarised/referenced


As a woman of the Shadow Family, my only worth is in my ability to breed. Wanting me to create the next generation of soldiers to fight the werewolves and vampires of St Augustine, my father marries me off to a powerful witch called Caden Davenport.

But on our wedding day, we're attacked by the werewolves, and I'm kidnapped by the alpha for killing his mate. After stabbing my hands to a tree, he begins to punish me…

By the time I'm rescued, I've been beaten into a coma.

But my husband still wants the soldiers he was promised…

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Cursed to be Mine ebook
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