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Madness Behind the Mask: Ebook

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Find Trigger List Here

Dark Edition: ALL the triggers

Soft Edition: 95% of the triggers shown graphically and the darkest 5% (ie: brutal child sexual assault) are fade to black.


As a woman of the Shadow Family, my only worth is in my ability to breed. Wanting me to create the next generation of soldiers to fight the werewolves and vampires of St Augustine, my father marries me off to a powerful witch called Caden Davenport.

But on our wedding day, we're attacked by the werewolves, and I'm kidnapped by the alpha for killing his mate. After stabbing my hands to a tree, he begins to punish me…

By the time I'm rescued, I've been beaten into a coma.

But my husband still wants the heirs he was promised…

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Cursed to be Mine ebook
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Customer Reviews

Stacey B.

9 months ago

Dark is putting it lightly

To say this is dark is taking it lightly, this is THE darkest book I have ever read, but god did I love it!

I will say I have now finally found what triggers me in a book, and it did cause moments where I had to take time to recover, especially after chapter 20.

I loved the story, and damn did I feel for Sau. I mean the twists and turns, the pain and trauma, and the loss. It makes you respect her all the more when she finally stands up for herself and fights back.

Also loved the teaser at the end for Cursed To Be Mine, and can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Please read the triggers before going in, otherwise read at your own risk!