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Avaliable Worldwide

When Emma wakes up tied to a bed, she believes the mafia has finally caught up to her.

But the truth is so much worse.

She’s been mistaken for her twin sister, her sweet, lovable sister who’s been charged with mass murder and helping a vampire destroy the Seven Planes. If she doesn’t confess all, her kidnapper will pull the water out of her blood and into her lungs. Dragged into a reality where monsters and gods exist and mercy is nowhere to be found, how can she possibly survive long enough to save her sister? Because there’s only one thing she knows for certain anymore: Liz is innocent. And she’ll do everything she can to prove it.

He’ll see her imprisoned for life or dead at his feet.

Tasked with bringing in a forbidden child of the gods, Rogan never expected this job to be easy. But finding out she’s his lifemate, the literal other half of his soul, has just made his mission a hel of a lot harder. For now he has to make a choice:

Use his lifemate as bait.

Or damn the worlds to Niflhel.

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