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7 months ago

Words dont express the amazingness of this story

Ma'am. *said in my most disbelieving, southern audacity voice* You had me scared.. like, for the first little while, i wasn't sure, but then bam!!! And I am here for it!!
I am obsessed with this family, these characters, this story, this WORLD!! In my last review, i said i wasn't Aleric level, and for *legal reasons only*, I'll stick to that statement, but it's probably a lie. You took me for a ride here, and i wasn't sure I'd like where i ended, but Goddess, it was a good journey  and it's not over yet! I can't wait for more! spoiler esque-- Khalid is a sweetie!!! I mean, i lm sure in some universe somewhere he's starting up something that will make me regret outing him like that.... but... so worth it! He's not a softie, like he's a big bad. But he's sweet about it. His love for his woman transcends the pages of this book, and ugh. Anyway, i would by no means call this a soft, sweet romance. It's dark, its violent, and cruel. But it's hot and sweet and sinfully delicious!


9 months ago


Omg this book!!! At first I was like nooo!! Then I was like holy crap!!! The twist this book turned into. I would tell a thousand people to read this book it’s that amazing. I can’t wait for the next book.


1 year ago

What a twist!!

Getting to chapter 13 was painful (worth it), but after that, I flew through this book in hours. It's exciting, and the twist genuinely shocked me. I was captivated. Maddox is absolutely my favorite!


1 year ago

Absolutely Amazing!

I just finished, Holy-Amazeballs-of-kinky-perfection!! This book has so many kink factors... I'll never look at the strawberries the same again. This book is so steamy I just cannot say enough just 🥵

I was hooked from the first page to the last... In fact I'm ready to have a conversation with Miranda about the lack of sleep her book caused 🤣.

Book 2 cannot come fast enough!!!

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