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Tethered Souls Ebook

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Someone Varius trusts wants him dead.

And so do I.

They call him an abomination, a freak of nature just because he's a witch without magic. My hatred of him goes deeper than that. He's a monster wanting to marry my baby sister, to kill her hopes and dreams by turning her into nothing more than a womb to push out his heirs.

Well, I'm not going to let that happen. I sold my life to save hers fifteen years ago, becoming an assassin for our father to use for his darkest of sins. Now I have a special skillset and a name I'm willing to kill for free.

But the woman he buys in my father's office…

…is me.

Cursed to be Mine ebook
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My neighbor doesn't know I have a key to her house. Doesn't know I watch her sleep or that the dreams of me she has aren't merely dreams. She doesn't know she's my girl, who I've claimed in a blood ritual that will bind our souls together.

When she goes out hunting for the supernatural, she draws the attention of Antonio Garcia, alpha of the werewolves and head of a rival gang. He'll attack her to get to me, to deal a blow to my Family that will weaken us in the coming war.

But I am the reaper who haunts the night.

And anyone who hurts what's mine will not live to see the morning.

Only...Antonio is consuming something that is causing his power to grow exponentially. When he becomes too strong for me to kill, how will I protect my girl?

Madness Behind the Mask: Ebook
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Wanting me to create the next generation of soldiers to fight the werewolves and vampires of St Augustine, my father marries me off to a powerful witch called Caden Davenport.

But on our wedding day, we're attacked by the werewolves, and I'm kidnapped by the alpha for killing his mate.

Can I survive my punishment? Or will he break me before my husband can save me?

Customer Reviews


5 months ago

Micha and Varius 🖤

I LOVE this book with all my heart. This seres has stolen my heart from the very beginning. Micha deserves the world. She is one of my favorite characters. I loved her chemistry with Varius. I needed some warming up to do with Varius. After reading about Khalid and now he was with his Kira, it was a tough act to follow. But, the man is grumpy and stoic to the max that you end up falling in love with him even when he's being a little b.
This book has so many good characters like Micha, Dayne, Maddox, Rudy, the twins 👀, etc. that you want to keep them safe from what is about to happen with the Shadow Domain. There's a lot of action and secrets that may be best to keep hidden. Also, the amount of spiciness is off the charts. These two virgins really get the hand of things quickly. 🥵🤧
I loved them and can't wait for the next book! This cliffhanger is going to be the death of me. I need to know what happens next with these two.