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My neighbor doesn't know I have a key to her house. Doesn't know I watch her sleep or that the dreams of me she has aren't merely dreams. She doesn't know she's my girl, who I've claimed in a blood ritual that will bind our souls together.

When she goes out hunting for the supernatural, she draws the attention of Antonio Garcia, alpha of the werewolves and head of a rival gang. He'll attack her to get to me, to deal a blow to my Family that will weaken us in the coming war.

But I am the reaper who everyone fears. The "cleaner" of the Family. If anyone touches my girl - if they even just look at her wrong, they'll die.

Only...Antonio is consuming something that is causing his power to grow exponentially, and there is a traitor feeding him information. Someone close to me is willing to sacrifice my girl to take control of our Family. 

Can I hunt them down before they hurt what's mine? Or will they damage her before I can save her?

alt editions

Alt Names: For everyone who knows a 'kira', she is now called 'keilana'. For everyone that knows an Antonio, he is now called Armando.

Dick Instead of Cock: This is an edition of the original Cursed to be Mine (ie: where she's called kira), but all 'cock' has been found and replaced with 'dick' for those that hate the word 'cock'. Fair warning, this has not been proofed, so you might come across weird words like 'dicked the gun' instead of cocked or something. Lol.

Customer Reviews

Clare P.

Verified Buyer

10 months ago


Hands down the best book I’ve read in years. It’s DARK, twisted and so sweet. All of the characters are brilliant in their own rights. Khalid is a sweetheart, and Maddox had me laughing.
This book is a perfect example of finding beauty in darkness. I won’t be forgetting this one any time soon. Can’t wait for broken souls.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Best book Ive ever read

I rarely write reviews and Ive never done one on a book but i genuinely think this is the best book I’ve ever read. I have sat in my room the past two days closed off from everyone because of how obsessed i am with this book. The plot twists, the actual plot, and the sex scenes were the best I’ve ever read. Usually when reading books I want to immediately get to the sex part but I never found myself wanting to skip any part of this book. I cant wait for more from this series and to continue to reread this book.


1 year ago

Cursed To Be Mine

I enjoyed this book more than any other smutty book i’ve ever read. The storyline is so good, there’s so many plot twists and this book never fails to leave you on edge. There’s honestly nothing i didn’t like about this book, everything was written so good. If i wasn’t so busy i could sit down and finish this book in a day. Definitely recommend the read.

Miss B.

1 year ago

Absolutely amazing

First things first: this is a spicy fantasy romance for adult readers.
I am always careful when picking up fantasy books because world-building will make it or break it. But this book was so easy to follow, the world-building was perfect and you are immediately sucked into the story and you can follow it effortlessly.
You have witches, vampires, and werewolves who are coexisting and fighting in our world.
The story follows Khalid who is a repairer and comes from a famous witch family that has several brothers. And yes, the story follows his girl as well!
Khalid is possessive, with "Touch her ad you die" vibes and he doesn't care whom he will hurt when it comes to his girl.
Spicy scenes are dirty as you can get them! Miranda mixed spice and magic and this is absolutely genius when you consider witches use magic all the time.

Main points:
✔️Two points of view: His and Hers
✔️Possessive MMC
✔️Touch her and you will 💀
✔️🩸 play
✔️A bit of gore
✔️Breeding kink
✔️A bit of somnophilia/sleeping kink - but not really

I am absolutely recommending this series! You will get hooked and all the brothers!

Kyla S.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Incredible Read

I loved everything this book has to offer, including the hard truths that were aforementioned in the end about the research that goes into books like this. I had a hard time reading it in the beginning because Hannah was everything I’ve seen before in real life to some of my friends. Her character is skillfully written and while chapters 13 and 14 were a plot twist of their own, it felt right. Shocking, but right. This book really heats up afterwards and the cadence of the book picks up and keeps you on edge! The world is written so well I was able to imagine it and felt like I was inside it too. I look forward to book two, and how the story continues to play out!